ECITE 2017 will happen in Italy after 20 years from its first Edition,
August 21st - 28th.
We will meet in Tuscania, a little village in the central part of Italy.


There is room for more or less 60 participants.

We wish for ECITE 2017 to be a participatory and a co-created event.

As organisers, we are deeply considering the role of ECITE as a place for exchange, sharing and mutual learning. We believe every teacher’s active participation to the making of the event becomes a fundamental component in distinguishing it from a festival.

The process to define the concept has led us to a lot of questions/topics. We have then realised that every consideration we made was leading us to an underlying question:

What is the balance point between structure and chaos?

We believe this is a threadline relating both to the topics and the methodologies of the exchange. A question that we believe applies to different aspect of CI such as teaching, performing, trademarking, institutionalisation, how to become a teacher, how to organize events/classes/festivals and the way we approach this point of tension - tension of the unknown.

The registration will open on March 17th, to access the registration form please click here.

Looking forward to seeing you at ECITE 2017

Caterina Mocciola, Anna Da Pozzo, Elisa Ghion



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