The closest airports are Rome Fiumicino and Rome-Ciampino. You can also double check Pisa and Florence, you might find good deals.

If you arrive in Rome Fiumicino you can catch the express train to Roma Termini (Central Station in Rome) and if you arrive to Rome Ciampino you can catch any of the buses that takes you to Roma Termini as well.

Once in Roma Termini you need to catch the regional train  either to Tarquinia (cost of about 7 euro) or to Orte (cost of about 5 euro) this is the link to the Italian trains website to verify departing times: trenitalia.

Once in either Tarquinia or Orte we will have to organize car lifts from the stations at cost (8 euro each if we manage to organize full cars), please bear in mind it takes respectively 30 and 50 min drive to Tuscania.

We can also provides bus schedule information upon requests, bearing in mind that there are very few buses scheduled per day.

There is also the possibility of looking on blablacar.

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