We are happy to finally announce the schedule of the event

The program is co-created by all the teachers taking part to the event. Through the restration form we have been collecting the information on what are the current interests of those of you participating to the exchange. We wish to remind you, this is not an event where the organizers propose any of the contents. The process of collection of information, interests, proposals, questions, research points is still ongoing.

We believe the main component of Ecite - and possibly the most fascinating one - is the exchange itself, enablingfor the topics of current interest to come to surface We also take the opportunity to remind you the question that has been of inspiration for us:

What is the balance point between structure and chaos?

We believe this is the threadline relating both the topics and the methodologies of the exchange. A question that we believe applies to different aspects of CI, such as teaching, performing, trademarking, institutionalizing, how to become a teacher, how to organize events/classes/festivals and the way we approach this point of tension - the tension of the unknown.




Registration opens at 15:00 of August 21
Dinner will be served at 19:30
Opening Circle at 21:30

Closing circle 10:00
Packing and cleaning
Lunch at 14:00



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